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Aluminum structures

Curtain systems: Schuco (Germany)

Curtain systems are the main focus in the design and manufacture of coatings for buildings. The German company Schuco offers a diversity of the systems with which can be performed and the most innovative concepts in terms of architecture: the Curtain systems . in horizontal rows of windows with a perfect optical Curtain systems to the high-tech synergy going through structural Curtain systems . With our comprehensive range of profiles from Schüco systems can be performed most varied a conceptual standpoint of curtain systems - in aluminum. The multiple possibilities in systems provides creative freedom for architects and designers. Of course, it can be executed and special solutions on the basis of established systems.

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Composite Panel Natural Bond

Natural Bond is an aluminum composite panel for internal and external cladding. The panel has inside a police core covered on both sides with aluminum sheet. One side was treated with PVDF, which can be dyed in a wide range of colors and is protected by the plastic foil in order to be protected during transport. The other side is treated with a special solution for its protection.
This aluminum composite panel has excellent resistance to various agents: fire, water, pollution and corrosion. Also, it can be used in many applications in architectural, such as airports, corporate offices, stores facades, curtain systems, hotels, restaurants, subways, elevators, telephone booths and many other industrial applications.