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Aluminum profile is a quality material that has been widely used in construction for many years. Even it is strength, it is easy to work with it.

Advantages of aluminum profile:

- durability and reliability for long usage;
- possibility of producing large-sized windows and doors with complex configurations, of different shapes and with various opening methods;
- resistance to corrosion, deformation and other negative environmental influences;
- not affected by acids, oils, gases, UV radiation;
- does not require special care;
- keeps the ecological characteristics throughout all service life.

Among lots of advantages, aluminum has one significant minus - high thermal conductivity.

The aluminum profile is divided into 2 types: Economy (cold profile) and Thermoseries (aluminum profile with a thermal insert).

Cold aluminum profile (Economy) - empty inside and without chambers. 

It is used for producing of windows, doors and partitions installed inside buildings where there is no need to separate a warm room from a cold one. For example, in shops, banks, offices, on the summer terrace and so on.

An aluminum profile (Thermo bridge) is created by joining two cold aluminum profiles with an additional material of polyamide and polyurethane called a thermal bridge. This element serves as thermal insulation and can be additionally reinforced with fiberglass. Depending on the manufacturer, these inserts can be from 12 mm to 45 mm.

When there is a thermal insert, the design is called "warm". These designs keep the heat inside. The thermal bridge is used in the production of exterior windows, entrance doors, balconies, etc.

The production of aluminum structures is a complex technological process that requires high-quality and large-sized equipment. When the thermal regime is not supported the standards can lead to product defects: bubbles, cracks, so the timing of quality control is very important.

At Blanconstruct for sure we only work with proven brands such as SCHUCO Germany, ASAS Turkey, Reynaers Belgium and others.


In the same time Blanconstruct company specialists can help you when you need the assembly of the stained glass windows on the terrace at your house.

This can be done in different ways and with different materials. One of the options is the installation of the aluminum construction on terrace.
The Blanconstruct company has experience in this field and will help you make the right choice!

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