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PVC Products Salamander.

Salamander profile is produced in Germany and is the result of many years of research and testing in the relevant field. That's why we recommend these profile systems to all those who value German quality at the highest level. Our 3 product lines - Streamline, Bluevolution and Hebeschiebe systems will not only provide high level of comfort in the home, but also prove the innovative potential of the company. Perfect surfaces from bright white to a wide range of shades, covered with a quality film, give you the opportunity to personalize any building as you wish.

Streamline Systems

With a width of 76 mm, it has a special design in line with new trends. This is a profile with 5 insulation chambers on both the frame and the sash, providing high thermal and sound isolation, maximum window stability and service life.


Technical details:

 ⁃ Mounting width - 76 mm
 ⁃ 5 cameras
 ⁃ 2 all-round seals
 ⁃ Thermal protection - 0.86-1.3 W / m2K
 ⁃ Soundproofing - 47 dB

BluEvolution 92 Systems
Windows of the future. If you don't want to compromise when it comes to home comfort and energy optimization, you can get both. The BluEvolution system itself is a new class of profiles designed to improve the heat transfer coefficient of the overall structure. The lower the coefficient, the more your comfort increases and the heating costs decrease. Since BluEvolution is future-oriented, the system has a pragmatic next-generation window design. Combined with a low height of only 118 mm, which allows glazing large surfaces, meets all environmental criteria and has an ultra-dense surface, BluEvolution 92 is perfection.

Technical details:

 ⁃ Mounting width - 92 cm
 ⁃ 6 cameras
 ⁃ 3 all-round seals
 ⁃ Thermal protection - 0.83-0.73 W / m2K
 ⁃ Soundproofing - 47 dB

Hebe Schiebe
Profile systems for lift-and-slide doors. Usually used on terraces, so as not to obstruct the view and maximize the area of ​​the construction. The maximum size of the opening can reach 6.5 m. Despite the fact that this is a sliding door from the heavy category, it slides easily and it is possible to install it both inside and outside.
Technical details:
 ⁃ Mounting frame width 194 mm
 ⁃ Sash width 82 mm
 ⁃ Visible frame height 55 mm
 ⁃ Visible sash height 100 mm
 ⁃ Thermal protection - 0.64-1.3 W / m2K
 ⁃ Soundproofing - 43 dB
Maximum allowable dimensions (with standard sash)
Width max up to 6 500 mm
Max height up to 2700 mm
Available colors:

In the same time Blanconstruct company specialists can help you when you need the assembly of the stained glass windows on the terrace at your house. 

This can be done in different ways and with different materials. One of the options is the installation of the PVC on terrace.
The Blanconstruct company has experience in this field and will help you make the right choice!

You can find more details here.