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PVC construction:

PVC joinery Salamander

The Salamander's profiles are produced in Germany and is the result of many years of searching and testing in the field. Therefore we recommend these systems and windows to anyone who appreciates the quality of Germany at the most high level. The three product lines of our 3D systems, Streamline and Bluevolution promise you not only comfort in your house, they prove and the innovative power of our company. The perfect surfaces from bright white to a wide range of shades, covered with a good quality foil enables you to customize any building as you want.        

Streamline system

With the width of 76 mm has a great design in step with the new trends. The 5-chamber system is a profile with isolation both from the frame and sash, ensuring a highly thermal and acoustic protection, maximum stability and lifetime for the windows.

The 92 BluEvolution system

The window of the future. Perfection. You do not want to compromise when it comes to the comfort of your house and energy optimization. You don't have to, you can have it both ways. The BluEvolution system is itself a new class of profiles designed with the aim of the heat transfer coefficient of the window in its entirety. The more it is less the more is increasing your comfort and is decreasing heating costs. Because BluEvolution system is forward-looking, it has the pragmatically design of the next generation of windows. Combined with low height of only 118 mm allows large glass surface and meets all the ecological requirements and comes with a superdense surface representing perfection.