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PVC profile lamination

What does it mean?

Lamination is the process of covering the PVC profile with a colorful decorative film. Over time, the film does not lose color from the sunlights impact, does not get wet from rain, does not crack in heat or cold.
The palette from Salamander has an incredible variety of colors, thanks to which you can decorate your home or office as you wish. The big advantage of this service is that the lamination of plastic and aluminum windows can be on one or two sides, which allows you to adapt the windows to any design of the room, both inside and outside.
For example, on one side of the window it is possible to perform lamination in beige color, and on the another side in brown color. Any individual color combination is possible thanks to the lamination of the profile.

It is important that it is impossible to laminate the profile by yourself. Lamination must be carried out only by a team of qualified specialists and with the help of quality equipment.

In Blanconstruct, profile lamination is produced by equipment of the Austrian brand Fux, accredited by Salamander.

Before installing windows, make sure that the color of the frame of the installed windows suits you, because it is impossible to laminate already installed windows.

Available color palette from Salamander: