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Ventilated facades are a unique way of facing a building from the outside. This system is attached to the external wall of the building using special profiles and anchors, consists of several layers, between which there is a small air gap. Ventilated facades provide air exchange and protect walls from humidity accumulation.

Advantages of a ventilated facade:

- Variety of materials depending on price, quality, size, etc.;
- High level of heat and sound isolation;
- Savings on building heating;
- Quick installation at any time of the year;
- Long service life (up to 50 years);
- Quick repair;
- Resistance to negative atmospheric changes;
- Fire resistance, corrosion protection;
- Easy to care for.

It is very important to understand that if the installation technology of ventilated facades is not followed, some advantages may turn into disadvantages. For example, if installed incorrectly, fire resistance and ventilation are impaired, and corrosion protection is also reduced. Poor installation of the subsystem can lead to noise, namely the whistle of the wind.

Blanconstruct is a company that complies with all installation rules and all technical specifications that the customer sets. Thanks to many years of experience, we certainly offer high-level services. When ordering ventilated facades from Blanconstruct, you can be sure that you will receive quality services.

Aluminum composite panels are one of the most modern materials used for the installation of ventilated facades.

- coefficient of thermal expansion 0.024 mm/m t 0 (°C)
- modulus of elasticity E 70 000 N/mm2
- elongation > 5%
- impact resistance 50 kg/cm
- heat resistance from -50 °С to +80 °С
- heat transfer coefficient 5.45 W/m2
- hygroscopicity 0.01% (material is non-hygroscopic)

Examples of using composite panels:
Aluminum composite panels are very often used in the exterior design of ventilated facades of all shapes and colors. Among them are Naturalbond from the Turkish manufacturer ASAS, with which Blanconstruct works.
Blanconstruct is a company with extensive experience in ventilated facade installation.

Composite panel ASAŞ Naturalbond (Türkiye)

Naturalbond - aluminum composite panel 4-5 mm for interior and exterior facing of buildings. Consists of 2 aluminum sheets filled with polyethylene. One of the sides is treated with PVDF, which can be painted in a wide range of colors and covered with a special film for protection during transportation, installation. The other side is treated with a special solution to protect it. This composite panel has a special resistance to various factors: fire, water, pollution and corrosion. In addition, it can be used in many architectural objects, such as facade glazing of offices, banks, shops, hotels, restaurants, and many others.

* In real live colors may differ from the image