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Facade glazing is a kind of aluminum facade systems for the exterior cover of buildings. Such cover allows to save natural light inside the room, gives the building an unusual, extraordinary and even elegant look. Double-glazed windows that cover buildings can be very large, but at the same time very reliable. If we talk about permeability and thermal insulation, facade glazing has a very high degree of quality.

The main advantages of facade glazing:

- heat and sound isolation;
- a lot of light inside;
- modern materials and technologies ensure long-term usage;
- energy efficiency;
- high level of fire resistance;
- the shortest terms of installation.

Facade glazing differs from each other in the way of binding windows and the way they are processed. There are 3 types of facade glazing:

- Classic;
- Semi-structural;
- Structural.


Classic facade glazing consists of aluminum stained-glass windows, assembled from a vertical profile and a horizontal profile and another one special is necessarily installed outside. The installation of classic facade glazing ensures the durability and reliability of finished stained-glass windows for a long time. Installation is easy and fast.

Technical characteristics of classic facade glazing:
Visible part of the profile from the inside: 55mm
Outer profile : 50 mm
Sound isolation: 32dB- 47dB
Thermal isolation: 1.0 to 1.8 W/m²K


Semi-structural facade glazing has visible profiles inside the room, but outside the profile is visible only in one direction, either horizontally or vertically. And the other side is visible as a black band of UV-resistant silicone, which gives the system the continuity of the glass grid in certain directions.

Technical characteristics of semi-structural facade glazing:
Visible part of the profile inside: 55 mm
Outer profile: 50 mm
Sound isolation: 32dB- 47dB
Thermal isolation: UF from 3.7 W/m²K


Structural facade glazing has as visible elements only glass and narrow strips that are located between the parts of the double-glazed windows and give the impression of a wall made entirely of glass. Outside there is no aluminum profile. Thanks to the structural system, stained glass windows of very large dimensions can be obtained.

Technical characteristics of structural facade glazing:
Visible part of the profile from the inside: 55mm
Sound isolation: 32dB- 47dB
Thermal isolation: UF from 3.7 W/m²K

Blanconstruct works only with high-quality aluminum profiles from manufacturers such as Schuco Germany, ASAS Turkey, Reynaers Belgium. Profiles can be painted in any color (glossy, matt, textured) from a special RAL palette for aluminum. And we can make stained-glass windows according to any desire and need - in different colors, sizes and thicknesses.

Front glazing: Schuco (Germany)

The German company Schuco offers a variety of systems with which even the most innovative concepts from an architectural point of view can be implemented: facade glazing from horizontal rows of stained-glass windows with perfect optics to high-tech ones. With Schuco's extensive program of profile systems, it is possible to create a wide range of aluminum curtain walls from a conceptual point of view. Numerous system options offer architects and designers creative freedom. Of course, special solutions based on installed systems can also be implemented. Welcome to the world of Schuco systems.

Order facade glazing from Blanconstruct and you will receive excellent quality services.