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The window is a transparent construction made of a frame and two or more glasses, joined together along the contour with the help of sealing materials. Double/triple glass windows are intended to replace single glass to increase the stable heat transfer of the window, as air and other gases do not transmit heat well. Transparent glass is a type of glass used for the production of PVC windows and doors. There are also other types of glass:

LOW-E glass

In translation, «LOW-E» means «low heat transfer», which means reduced heat transfer through glass surfaces.
The price of such glass is slightly higher than the price of ordinary glass, but the thermal characteristics are much better.
This glass is obtained by treating the glass with a special solution that does not transmit heat through the surface of the glass.
LOW-E glass is transparent and has no color, only a light, barely noticeable mirror. LOW-E glass is obtained by applying (at the factory) a layer of metal oxides on one of the surfaces of simple transparent glass, which perfectly transmits light into the room and blocks the exit of heat, which reduces heat loss in the room.

Glass IZOsol (4S (4 Season))

When low-E glass packages allow you to save money by not losing heat in the house in winter, then IZOsol, which is also called 4S (4 Seasons), gives a double economy. Because it also does not let heat into the room in the summer. 4S double-glazed windows block ultraviolet and infrared rays of the sun without losing the light in the room. 4S glasses are recommended to be used in rooms facing the east and south sides, as well as on balconies where there is a problem of the greenhouse effect.

This is due to the fact that the layers of titanium dioxide and silver that make up the IZOsol glass create the effect of a transparent filter.

So, with IZOsol glass you get increased protection from sunlight while maintaining a normal temperature in the house. IZOsol glass is also called "Solar Control", so it will necessarily maintain a pleasant atmosphere at your home or in the office all over the year.

The 4S summer sun control function retains 2 times more sunlight than simple glass, and there is no need to use additional sun protection methods.

Mirror glass
It is produced by applying a thin layer of metal oxide to ordinary glass, which is able to block the heat and absorb harmful infrared radiation. Mirror glass can be installed in different colors: green, blue, gold, etc. It improves the visibility of the facade, protects the room from unpleasant views, direct exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, without losing the natural light in the room.
Facades with mirrored glass are most often installed in business centers, banks, and private houses.

Advantages of mirror glass:
- Forms the external look of the building, giving it a modern view;
- Prevents heat from entering the room and allows you to save on the use of the air conditioner;
- Protects the interior from unpleasant views of neighbours, preserving business confidentiality or private life privacy;
- Helps to avoid usage of jalousie;
- Eliminates glare of the sun on the TV screen, computer monitor in the room.

Matte glass
In comparation with ordinary glass, matte has an opaque surface that lets in less light. Depending on the production method, frosted glass can have a different tactile surface, as well as differ in the level of light absorption and light scattering. Objects located in a room with matte glass have blurred outlines, and the bigger is the distance, the less clear the outlines are.

How the matte glass is produced?
The surface of matte glass is usually reached by sandblasting. Fine sand under pressure is sprayed onto the transparent glass surface. This creates a smooth matte surface. If it is necessary to apply matte decorative elements to the glass, the corresponding templates that are attached to the glass are pre-made.
Frosted glass with different translucency coefficients is used on the bathroom and utility room doors of shops, banks, offices, etc.

Advantages of matte glass:
- Allows to protect the room from overheating in the sunny weather;
- Protects the room from unpleasant views;
- The matte surface is resistant to high temperatures, aggressive chemicals and high humidity;
- Matte glass increases the degree of safety and reliability. It becomes more difficult to break such a glass, and with a strong impact it does not break into small fragments;
- Matte glass is more practic, as you don't need to clean it often and there are practically no spots left on it.

This type of glass consists of 2 or more glasses glued together with a special polymer film.
This glass differs in thickness and appearance. It can be mirrored, matte, colored, transparent, tempered. The choice depends on concrete tasks and needs.
Triplex is usually used for railings on stairs and balconies, doors and stained glass windows in commercial premises, partitions in offices.
It can also be used in private houses without harm to residents. When the glass breaks, the fragments do not fall and do not pose a danger to the people.

Advantages of  Triplex glass:
- The strength of this type of glass is 6-8 times higher than usual;
- Thermal protection and ultraviolet protection;
- Good sound isolation from the unpleasant noises;
- Triplex is hard to break down. It is impossible to make cuts with it. It does not break into fragments and remains attached to the film.
- It does not scratch and does not change its color;
- Big variety of samples and textures;
- Triplex is resistant to explosions.

Toned glass
This is a dark glass that has a certain tone of darkening. Shade can be of different intensity and color: gray, bronze, blue, green, etc. This type of glass protects from the sun, reduces ultraviolet exposure. Tinted glass gives a modern look to the building, a special atmosphere and is used in offices, public institutions, shopping centers, private houses, glass partitions, glass doors, showrooms, furniture. And also in rooms facing the sunny side or with panoramic windows.

Advantages of toned glass for windows:
- Big variety of glass colors;
- Protection from ultraviolet radiation;
- Protection from unpleasant views;
- It saves heat better, thereby reducing heating costs.

Blanconstruct glass production process you can see in the video: