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Tempered glass is glass made from ordinary glass, processed by heating to a tempering temperature (650-680°C), then rapidly cooling with cold air on both sides. As a result, residual mechanical compressive stresses are formed in the surface layers of the glass, which gives increased mechanical strength, heat resistance and safety in case of destruction.

When you break tempered glass, it shatters into many small pieces with blunt edges, which are not dangerous and cannot cause serious injury (except for eye contact). Even if the glass is impacted for a relatively long time, microcracks are formed in the glass, which prevents it from breaking suddenly and unexpectedly.

The main advantages of tempered glass are:

1) High level of heat resistance - tempered glass can be used to glaze facades;
2) Resistance to various types of influences;
3) Safety - as written above, tempered glass breaks into small, but absolutely harmless fragments that cannot cause harm;

Where is tempered glass mostly installed?
This type of glass is most often used:
- In offices;
- In banks;
- In shopping centers in the form of partitions, glass doors;
- On balconies, railings, terraces;
- In kindergartens;
- In hospitals.

Installing tempered glass products is an ideal solution to increase the level of illumination and security of the room.


In the same time Blanconstruct company specialists can help you when you need the assembly of the stained glass windows on the terrace at your house.

This can be done in different ways and with different materials. One of the options is the installation of the tempered glass on terrace.
The Blanconstruct company has experience in this field and will help you make the right choice!

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